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Who We Are

Funtastic Stuff is a leading socially responsible marketplace focused on kids and the kids at heart. We aim to be the go-to marketplace for fun, creative, and affordable fashion for families who believe that the foundation of great behavior begins with creative play and fashion brands that promote sustainable, significant, and positive change in the world around us. All partner brands here at Funtastic Stuff set aside a portion of their income for various socially meaningful projects that is impactful, sustainable, and driven by love.

Our Pillars

An exciting place for the whole family to shop

Fast and efficient fulfillment

Delivering fun and happiness right to your doorstep

By the community, for the community

Products of value and quality

Committed to delivering on time

Flexible payment options

Chat support 24/7

Our Advocacies

Being a socially responsible marketplace, we aim to raise awareness and teach parents and children to care for the world around them. The brands that we carry have beneficiaries where a portion of sales are shared to support a unique cause that helps uplift the lives of others, protects the environment, and achieves inclusive growth and poverty alleviation.

Learn more about our brand advocacies and meet the Cool Kids: Coco and Kimmy and their magical friends - our characters that take on real, contemporary world issues like caring for planet Earth, the environment, and maintaining eco-balance. They are kind-hearted friends of humanity with a passion for preserving mankind and with a mission to provide them a safe and harmonious environment.

Please refer to our Advocacy Page.