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Return Policy

We respect and value your choice so you may return and exchange or refund items you have purchased within five (5) business days after your purchase given that your purchase adheres to the following conditions:

  1. Wrong product was delivered.
  2. Damaged or defective product
  3. Product accessory is missing
  4. Product was not delivered
  5. Product was wrongly advertised

Please remember: Be reminded that all products and items are subject to availability. The product must be returned to the seller in the same condition it was received in. Any signs of force damage or broken packaging will not be replaced. Please do not remove any tag or take out the product from the original packaging.

We will refund full purchase price of the relevant product/s returned to us excluding shipping costs (if any). We may refund shipping costs only for some return cases like delivery of wrong item, item damage, and the like.

We would recommend you to call our Customer Service team at: +6328556 9915 up to 9 or email us at and let the representative know the details of your package. Our Customer Service team would also require you to provide visual evidence of the products in order to expedite the process.

Please allow the seller to quality check the item and the order before Return and Exchange or Refund can be approved. In order for a return to be accepted, it must meet the following conditions:

  1. The product must be unused
  2. The product must be in its original state and packaging with the original tags attached.
  3. Accessories must have all parts of the original packaging.
  4. Product must have no “Non-Returnable Mark”.
  5. Products must not be personalized.

For returns and exchange please prepare the item for shipment back to the seller. For refunds, it will be credited into the account of your choice. Complete details will be given by our Customer Service team who is ready to help you make this a smooth transaction.