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22 Jan 2022

5 Dolls To Add To Your Daughter's Collection

What are some dolls to add to your daughter’s collection?

  1. Pink Mermaid Doll
  2. Doll in High Fashion Cocktail Dress
  3. Doll in Purple Party Dress
  4. Princess Doll
  5. Elegant Princess Doll in Pink

If you’re a parent of both boys and girls, you might have noticed that your daughter prefers dolls and your son prefers cars and trucks. There are actual scientific studies that prove that there are biological factors to this preference, manifesting as early as 18-23 months after birth. Despite this, you shouldn’t think of biology as the reason why you should add more dolls for your daughter’s collection.

Dolls are more socially interesting toys than cars, trucks, or guns. With dolls, your daughter’s social and verbal abilities are polished. When children play, they often like to imitate what they see in the adults around them. And more often than not, young girls try to imitate their mothers. They learn empathy and nurturing through playtime with dolls. It doesn’t even stop with dolls — they would offer care and nurture to other toys as well such as stuffed animals. Chances are, you’ve seen them kiss their teddy bear good night or feed their other stuffed animals with food as a mother would do with her baby.

Nurturing and caring for stuffed animals is fine, but giving your daughter a variety of dolls to play with will strengthen their empathy more. Playing with dolls of different appearances, outfits, and even hair colors lets them experience caring for and dealing with toys that look human. With this type of play, they become more prepared to face the myriad of humans they will encounter in their life and even teach them to be nurturing if they ever decide to be mothers. 

To help you choose what dolls for girls to give your daughter, keep reading below!

Pink Mermaid Doll

Dolls are not always just receivers of care, they can also be a direct roleplaying toy like any action figure for boys. And the mermaid has always been a fascination among young girls, especially because of a certain Disney princess that they can relate to! If your daughter had only been playing with stuffed animals, this is a good transition between those toys and dolls. This mermaid doll also comes with accessories that they can use. They can groom her or let her play with sea creatures. Because of the accessories and the mermaid’s popularity among young girls, it also encourages sharing and socializing with other children.

Doll in High Fashion Cocktail Dress

She’s ready to get dressed and go out for a cocktail party with friends! 

If your daughter already has some dolls, then adding more variation to her collection will surely make her happy! This doll wears a high fashion cocktail dress, and it comes with accessories like jewelry, headbands, shoes, and even a vanity mirror. They would be able to accessorize her and style her hair using the blow dryer and comb that comes with the doll too. Get this doll for a fun dress-up playtime for your daughter and their playmates!

Doll in Purple Party Dress

Children like toys that they can relate to, like dolls that look like them or someone they know. Young girls learn about fashion and dressing up through their mothers, and early on, they explore this through playing with dolls. This doll in a purple party dress is a variation of our collectible dolls with many different outfits! With as many of these dolls in your daughter’s collection, they will have plenty of options that they can play with and share with friends! 

Princess Doll

The graceful and noble princess has a tiara and a beautiful pink ball gown fit for royalty.

A lot of little girls out there dream of becoming a princess. Just like the mermaid, the princess is another popular theme for dolls, and getting one for your daughter will give them a chance to expand their imagination and role play as a princess. 

Elegant Princess Doll in Pink

This doll is an elegant princess that has realistic hair and comes with extra accessories like pink boots, a handbag, and an extra red outfit! The beautiful princess is the epitome of beauty and grace, and your daughter will enjoy playtime with her! Let your kid and her playmates become elegant princesses too as they role-play with this doll!

Key Takeaway

Getting more dolls for your daughter’s collection is good for not only their preferences (like dress-up or hair styling) but also for their learning. There are indeed biological factors as to why young girls gravitate towards dolls, the stereotypical toy for them. It should still not limit your choices on buying toys based on gender. If your daughter likes dolls, you should let them play with dolls.

At Funtastic Stuff, we offer high-quality girl’s toys which include dolls, dollhouses, beauty and accessory sets, and others.  If you’re looking for other toys, try visiting our shop! We also invite you to learn more about our advocacies here to learn where part of our profits goes!