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04 Jul 2022

How to Choose the Right Back-to-School Backpack

How to choose back-to-school backpacks:

  1. Think about size and pockets

  2. Choose a fabric that is durable and breathable

  3. Check the zippers

  4. Check the straps

  5. Don’t let them carry too much

  6. Consider your child’s preferences

  7. Make it a joint decision

Your child's school backpack is one of the most important decisions to make for your back-to-school shopping. It’s the one item that will see the most use during the school year and will carry all of the books and supplies your kid needs every day at school. So, it needs to not only be aesthetically pleasing — but also needs to withstand everything including the rough treatment that children often use on their belongings. To help you choose the right one, we’ve prepared a short and simple guide on how to choose school backpacks:

Think about size and pockets

The first thing to consider is the backpack’s size and pocket space. It’s important to find one that's big, but not too big for your child. If it does not sit properly on their back, then it could cause back and shoulder strain for them. 

The width of the backpack should more or less be equal to the width of the back. And, the backpack’s height should cover at least two inches below the shoulder blades to their waist level, or just slightly above the waist. This size ensures the pack sits at just the right position.

Additionally, you should consider backpacks with pockets, slots, and dividers — this helps to evenly distribute the weight of their school supplies.

Choose a fabric that is durable and breathable

Next, look at the fabric of the backpack. You’ll want something breathable and durable. This makes the backpack more comfortable for your child to wear. And, it prevents the risk of the bag tearing or becoming worn too quickly.

We highly recommend bags like Trek Jr.’s Geometric Backpack, which are made from synthetic fabric — polyester. Synthetic fabrics are generally one of the more durable and breathable fabrics you can choose from. Plus, they’re more water-resistant than natural fabrics, like cotton.

Check the zippers

Another thing to consider is the zippers. You want to have heavy-duty zippers, which will hold up over time. And, you want to look for a bag with full zips, which offer the easiest access for your kids. 

We also suggest avoiding zippers that are exposed to the weather. These easily rust and break when your child uses them. Instead, use a bag with a flap — such as Trek Jr.’s Abstract Gray Backpack. Their fabric flaps keep water and sunlight from affecting the zipper and also protect the contents of the backpack from the elements. 

Check the straps

When it comes to backpack straps, we recommend that you choose bags with two rather than one. For children, using one strap can cause alignment problems for their spine, and cause back and spine pain and injuries. 

We also recommend looking for a backpack that has adjustable straps. This will help make sure they sit properly on your child. These should be adjustable enough that you can have the backpack sit about two inches above their waist. These straps should also be broad and padded, which offers more comfort and reduces pressure on your child. 

Don’t let them carry too much

While it might be tempting to get a bigger backpack that can hold all their stuff, it’s important to remember that their bags shouldn’t hold too much. The total weight capacity of their backpack should not go over 15% of your child's body weight. This will help your kids avoid any back pain or problems, especially if they’re carrying their packs for most of the day. 

So, if your kid weighs around 100 pounds, then their backpack and its contents should not go over 15 pounds. Likewise, a 60-pound child shouldn’t be carrying a bag heavier than 9 pounds.

Consider your child’s preferences

While proper fit and usability are some of the biggest factors to consider, style is another thing to keep in mind. Backpacks come in many different styles, and your kid will have an idea of what they consider to be fashionable or not.

The right backpack doesn't just have to be functional — your child should also like the backpack that you choose! Look for bright colors and trendy patterns that they’ve shown an interest in for their other things. Bags like our Floral Purple Backpack from Trek Jr. might be a good one for a kid that loves purple, for example. 

Once you have a color or pattern that your kid likes, you can also add accessories like pins and keychains to personalize their backpack into a style that they like better.

Make it a joint decision

One of the best ways to find a backpack that will last them for a long time, and that your kids love using is to involve them in the decision-making process. And, because stores like Funtastic Stuff are online, this makes shopping much more quick and easy for both of you! Take a look through our full bag collection, and you’ll see a wide array of sizes and styles. You’re sure to find more than a few options that meet all their needs for school storage while allowing them to express their style and personality.

Key Takeaway 

Knowing how to choose school backpacks will make the process as painless as can be. Remember to keep these factors in mind — they’ll make sure that the backpack you put in your cart will work best for your kid this upcoming school year!