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07 Feb 2022

4 Brain-Teasing Puzzles For Your Kids

What are some brain-teasing puzzles for your kids?

  1. DIY Eiffel Tower
  2. My Zoo Puzzle, Book, and Audio
  3. My Farm Wooden Clock Puzzle
  4. 4 in 1 Ocean Turtles Puzzle Series

Kids are smart folk. Their learning ability alone is proof that they’re the smartest ones around. They learn an entire language and social rules even on the eve of their lives. In fact, kids are better at learning new languages than adults. Our children are quick to learn, but brains are muscles that need constant exercise to sharpen, like puzzles for kids. Some parents tend to let their kids have fun without creating any mentally challenging exercises for them. Little do they know that brain teasers can be fun too!

Why Puzzles Are Good for Kids

Kids develop their problem-solving skills by figuring things out in real life. How do you close the jar? How do you open the door? Things like these are some of the earliest puzzles that they have to face. It’s natural for the gears and cogs in their minds to start turning when faced with such a challenge. With the use of puzzles, fun playtime and mental exercises are melded together.

Puzzles for children activate their minds in many ways. They test their ability to look at and comprehend pictures, visual and spatial skills, memory skills, making plans, logic, and solving problems. In addition, the younger kids also practice physical skills like finger control and strength for the small puzzle pieces. It also develops hand-eye coordination, and the theme or topic of the puzzle will also help them learn about the world.

With these benefits, initiating puzzle playtime with your kids would surely be a great experience. For that, you would need some good puzzles to bond over. Keep reading to see our selection of great brain-teasing puzzles for your children!

DIY Eiffel Tower

3 years old and above

What better way to learn about countries and landmarks than with a 3D puzzle? For children 3 years old and above, you can recreate the Eiffel Tower on your own at home with this puzzle! With only 26 pieces, it is easy to assemble and it does not need any tools or glue, completely safe for younger kids. Helping your kids complete a puzzle such as this will turn into a fun educational experience for them as it is always better to have a trusted adult around to answer their questions. Enjoy your puzzle playtime while exploring famous architecture around the world!

If you’ve finished this one, you can try the White House Puzzle next! 

My Zoo Puzzle, Book, and Audio

5 years old and above

A great learning session includes a combination of different experiences, like you will find with this puzzle book set! The My Zoo Puzzle, Book, and Audio features a 100 piece jigsaw puzzle of a day at the zoo and a book with audio as well. Perfect for older kids with a better grasp of jigsaw puzzles, the 100-piece puzzle is a bit more difficult than the DIY Eiffel Tower, despite being 2D. 

Along with the puzzle, your child could learn about the names and sounds of animals through this set. It would also be helpful for literacy and vocabulary as they read the 32-page book accompanying the puzzle. The colorful and beautiful illustrations will also keep them entertained for sure!

My Farm Wooden Clock Puzzle

3 years old and above

This Farm Wooden Clock Puzzle is great for younger children learning about telling time, numbers, and farm animals! The toy combines a colorful clock with pictures of farm animals and equipment around it on a wooden board. Teach your kids about numbers and how to tell time with a clock while also telling them the names of the animals and other farm equipment. The pictures can be taken out and put back in their respective places when your kids have learned their names!

4 in 1 Ocean Turtles Puzzle Series

3 years old and above

If you really want something challenging for your child, you can try the 4 in 1 Ocean Turtles Puzzle Series! It’s a building brick puzzle that consists of over 128 colorful puzzle pieces that you can place on the puzzle board. Your child would practice their spatial intelligence and problem solving by trying to create an image with the pieces given. With enough creativity and imagination, you can find the 4 different sea animals that you can form with the same puzzle pieces!

Key Takeaway

With these brain-teasing puzzles for kids, your puzzle playtime will be fun, educational, and challenging as well! Getting as many of these puzzles as possible widens the horizons of the kid’s thinking abilities, so establish a culture of puzzle-solving to raise a brainy kid!

At Funtastic Stuff, we have high-quality toys and puzzles for children of all ages, and we do our part to help other children in need as well. Part of our earnings go to advocacies that we support — you can read more about them here! Visit our shop anytime to help!