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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
23 May 2022

8 Toys That Will Help Improve Your Child's Memory

What kinds of toys can help improve my child’s memory?

  1. Interactive balls
  2. Stacking toys
  3. Shape sorters
  4. Puzzles
  5. Flashcards
  6. Building blocks
  7. Match games
  8. Musical toys

Playing with toys is incredibly important to your child’s development. Not only do they keep them active, but they’re also a fantastic tool to help them boost all kinds of skills — including memory! So what better way to help their brain grow and develop well than with some great toys? After all, every child loves playtime! Here are the best toys for improving children's memory:

Interactive balls

Interactive balls are brightly colored, filled with interesting shapes and textures, and have all sorts of sounds and sights that can keep your child engrossed for hours. These are great for helping them develop their motor skills, as they encourage them to use their hands and muscles to hold, bend, and squeeze the material. However, because they’re so stimulating, it also encourages healthy brain development in all aspects, including memory! 

This Baby Bliss Interactive Ball is the perfect memory-boosting toy for babies and young toddlers.

Stacking toys

Stacking one object on top of another is one of the first milestones your baby will hit in terms of skill development. At around 8 months, they should start to develop their grip and arm muscles, so this is the right age to introduce them to stacking toys. 

Though this seems like a very simple toy, it does a lot for their memory development. As they stack blocks, they develop problem-solving skills and creativity, and repeating these actions locks them into their memory. 

Shape sorters

Shape sorters are another toy that you can give your baby to help them develop their memory. There are many varieties of this toy available. There are many shapes, colors, materials, and levels of difficulty that you can choose from.

Playing with this toy will not only teach your baby about the different shapes and colors, but it will also help them remember what each shape is, and where they should go in the container. This also helps them strengthen their thinking and motor skills! 


Puzzles are another wonderful option for toddlers to play with. Children love to assemble and arrange each piece to the correct slots on the board. Not only does this help them develop the ability to focus and their problem-solving skills, but it also helps them recognize different shapes, colors, images, and more. This strengthens their ability to remember where each piece goes, and what each puzzle is supposed to make! Try Funtastic Stuff’s My Zoo Puzzle Book! It includes an illustrated book, a 100 Piece Puzzle, and audio recordings!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Flashcards are another option that can not only be used with toddlers but also with older children. They’re effective in helping children learn new material quickly while keeping the learning experience fun and engaging! All you need to do with this toy is show them the image, and say the corresponding word, and your child will learn just by watching and listening to you. This strengthens their memory and information recall skills! 

Building blocks

Building blocks might seem like the most basic toy you can give your kids, but they’re anything but boring. Even babies can play with them and discover all that they can do just by building up or connecting blocks. This kind of toy does a lot for their motor skills, but can also enhance their memory and creativity! 

If your child is on the younger side, they can try using a set like this, which makes a fun little construction truck! Or, you can get this bigger set that they can use to create any structure they can think of, which is great for their curiosity and memory development!

Even older children can continue to play with blocks! Building blocks are great for helping them explore concepts like geometry, problem-solving, and cause and effect, which they will commit to memory. Sets like this one from Funtastic Stuff will appeal to older kids! 

Match games

These kinds of toys are specifically designed to help children develop their memory recall skills. You flip the cards, show the kids their positions, flip them back upside down and let them try to remember and guess where each pair is. Playing this game with your child will train their short-term memory as well as improve their attention to detail and concentration! You can start with 2 or 3 pairs with younger children, and gradually increase the number of pairs as they grow up and develop these skills.

Musical toys

Babies, toddlers, and older children can all benefit from musical toys. They promote their sensory development, and listening skills, and even help with brain growth! For babies and toddlers, we recommend our Baby Bliss Musical Playtime Microphone. It comes with lots of musical tunes and a few fun commands for your child to listen to. Thanks to these interactive features, this toy is great for both auditory and cognitive development! 

Key Takeaway

Playtime with toys is an important part of your child growing up well. Selecting the right toys for improving children's memory will not only keep your child happy and entertained, but will also help them build up an important skill. Check out Funtastic Stuff’s online store for more great toys that promote your child’s overall development!