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02 Mar 2022

7 Transforming Toys For Toddlers

What are some transforming toys for toddlers?

  1. Transformable Robot in Black Police Car
  2. Motorcycle Transformable Robot
  3. Die Cast Transformable Yellow Robot/Bus
  4. Die Cast Transformable Dump Truck
  5. Brown Transformable Robot/Dinosaur
  6. Yellow Bee Transformable Insect
  7. Transformable Space Gun with Light, Music

Toddlers enjoy all kinds of toys, be it vehicles, animals, tools, or musical toys. Of the many kinds that you can get them, one of the more exciting ones is transforming toys. These are toys that transform from one object to another, reminiscent of an idea popularized by a hit toy and comic franchise in the 80s. Ever since then, these toys became must-haves for little kids. If you want to get your kids these types of toys, we have a list of some exciting transforming toys for toddlers that will surely catch their interest!

Transforming toys aren’t only limited to one franchise, and definitely not to cars only! In this list, you’ll find a myriad of wonderful transforming toys that any toddler would enjoy! Keep reading for more!

Transformable Robot in Black Police Car

Most toddlers, especially young boys, love both robots and police cars. With this toy, they can have both in one! This transformable toy starts as a police car but can transform into a cool robot! Its stylish design gives the police car a black and white color, but the toy also comes in the colors red and white. Let your child pick which color they like best. Let their imaginations run wild and fight crime as transforming robots!

Motorcycle Transformable Robot

Transforming robots don’t only come from cars, they can emerge from motorcycles too! If your kid already has a transforming car or is a fan of motorcycles, they’ll surely love this transforming motorcycle toy. Take a look at this red transformable motorcycle and see how much your toddler will enjoy it. 

Die Cast Transformable Yellow Robot/Bus

Does your toddler ride the bus often? Or does he or she get excited when they see huge vehicles in the street? With this toy, their excitement will double as the yellow bus transforms into a robot! This toy has an alloy body that makes it durable enough to withstand rough playtime. It won’t break easily when your toddler puts it into action! If you think your child will enjoy this toy, check it out here!

Die Cast Transformable Dump Truck

Many toddlers enjoy playing with all sorts of construction vehicles. Here is another entry to the huge construction vehicles that become robots category: the transformable dump truck! This dump truck doesn’t just transport soil or sand. It has something more thrilling in store — it can transform into a robot! Let your toddler enjoy this Die Cast Transformable Dump Truck by checking it out here!

Brown Transformable Robot/Dinosaur

The cooler the toy is, the more your toddler will enjoy it. This toy combines two of the crowd favorites in toys: robots and dinosaurs! In true transformable fashion, you can change a plain old dinosaur into a robot knight! Plenty of toddlers enjoy playing with animals and robots — imagine their excitement when you give them a dinosaur that turns into a robot! Click here to learn more about this toy!

Yellow Bee Transformable Insect

Another unsuspecting place where a robot may emerge from is the body of a bee! For children who show interest in insects, this toy would surely be a hit! 

The Yellow Bee Transformable Insect features a bee with its trademark yellow and black coat that can transform into a robot! It could also work as a villain for other kids’ playtimes! Despite its sinister look, this toy is safe to use and encourages playtime among children. Take a closer look at it here!

Transformable Space Gun with Light,Music

Did you think transformables always end with a robot? Think again! This cool, high-tech-looking space gun transforms can transform into something else entirely — a full-blown tank! Boost your kid’s toys’ firepower with this Transforming Space Gun! Your toddler could have a complete experience as the toy includes lights and music to level up their playtime. 

Key Takeaway

The transforming toys for toddlers that are listed here are only some of the fun toys that you could get for your kids. Whether they’re into robots, animals, dinosaurs, cars, tanks, guns, or all of the above, they are guaranteed to have plenty of fun with our selection of toys.

Funtastic Stuff provides quality toys to all of our customers that are appropriate for kids of all ages. Next to our commitment to quality and safety, we also acknowledge our responsibility to the community. That’s why we support advocacies where part of our profits will go to help the less fortunate in the country. If you want to see the other toys that we have, check out our shop! Also, feel free to contact us for any inquiries!