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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
07 Sep 2022

What are the Benefits of Play Dough?

What are the benefits of play dough?

  1. Develops motor skills

  2. Enhances socioemotional skills

  3. Expands language and literacy

  4. Boosts your child’s creativity

  5. Measures academic concepts

Twist, smash, turn, mess, and have fun with play dough! Our children love to play with their play dough, and even if it looks messy to play with, play doughs are pivotal to children’s growth!

While some think it’s merely a toy, like puzzles and other educational toys, play dough has various benefits that target your child’s learning, sensory, and developmental skills. So, your child deserves a treat by surprising him with play dough!

So, what are the benefits of play dough for your children’s growth? Find out more when you scroll below!

How to make play dough?

You only need a few ingredients for a playdough recipe. Let your children help you with making ones while you prepare these ingredients:

  • 1 cup white flour

  • 1/2 cup salt

  • 2 tbsp cream of tar tat

  • 1 tbsp water

  • Food coloring

After preparing these ingredients, the next thing you need to do is mix these ingredients together to make play dough by storing them in an airtight container. Your children can help you by measuring the ingredients for a fun, playful, and exciting parent-child interaction!

What are the best scents for therapeutic play dough?

  • Cocoa powder

  • Ginger

  • Cinnamon

  • Turmeric

  • Fruit juices

  • Food coloring

  • Food flavoring

  • Essential oils

  • Lavender

  • Herbs

  • Fruit tea

  • Paint

Develops motor skills

Play dough enhances your child’s development and the control to hold scissors, pencils, zippers, and buttons after poking, rolling, or twisting their dough. Why? Because it builds their little and soft muscles in their hands! 

They do not only enjoy playing with play dough, but they also learn how to push, pull, squash, roll, chop, and cut something out of a fun play that later on develops their motor development as it strengthens their wrists, hands, and eye coordination. 

Enhances socioemotional skills

One thing that some parents overlooked when their children are playing with toys, is that it also helps their children to build emotions, and life experiences, and discover their abilities all in one. 

By giving your child a play dough to play with, you agree that it helps him to enhance his cooperation with others, collaboration, self-control, friendships, and other socioemotional skills he can master in a progressive period.

Expands language and literacy

From making and molding play doughs to interacting with you or his friends during playtime, it also expands your child’s language and literacy as he communicates with other people. So, while you and your child are making play dough, come up with interesting questions to ask them and see how they answer. Or let them ask you about what makes them curious and keep the conversation going. 

Once their language and literacy expand, it also builds their reading comprehension, communication, and listening skills.

That’s the power of play dough!

Boosts your child’s creativity

Children’s creativity unleashes when they have a toy with them. So, having a play dough can boost your child’s creativity by imagining adorable events with their play doughs. If they create bird play doughs, watch them make tweet sounds as they run or move in the house like birds. And if they’re making food play dough, anticipate seeing your child as a frustrated chef in the house with a white hat on their head!

With play dough, your children can be anything their minds aspire them to be.

Measures academic concepts

Yes, play doughs measure your child’s academic concepts! Those trials and errors in creating shapes or simply comparing sizes expose your child to the concepts of Science, Mathematics, and arts! 

Measuring, mixing, experimenting, adding colors, making fun shapes, and exploring play dough, it’s a good avenue start to introduce your child to what’s to come once he starts school.

So, as a parent, use this opportunity to ask questions to your child to introduce them more to these concepts taught in school.

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Key Takeaway

As a parent, knowing the benefits of play dough ensures us that it brings a positive effect to our child’s growth. It’s a good investment to buy educational toys that not only excite or entertain them but also introduce them to their potential talents and skills someday.

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