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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
06 Sep 2022

How Do Educational Toys Help Child Development?

What are ways how educational toys help your child’s development? 

  1. Enhance sensory and motor development

  2. Develop their problem-solving skills

  3. Improves their concentration

  4. Instills their creativity and imagination

  5. Develops their social and emotional intelligence

Playing is one of the best ways for kids to learn. It’s through their toys that they are able to explore and discover the world around them at a very young age. But, how do educational toys help your child’s development? This article explains the different skills educational toys are able to enhance and develop as your child grows up. Keep reading to learn more!

Enhance sensory and motor development

There are many educational toys that develop the sensory and motor development of children. Sensory development relates to the five senses that allow children to explore the world around them. On the other hand, motor development refers to the strengthening of children’s muscles that allow them to move and explore their surroundings. 

Colorful and vibrant toys given to infants and toddlers allow them to enhance their sense of sight. As they grow older, musical instrument toys like a xylophone or flute improve their sense of sound as well. 

For motor development, toys like a scooter or push carts strengthen your child’s leg muscles. These are what you call their gross motor skills. For their muscles, toys like pegboards and lego help them learn how to hold smaller objects in preparation for writing. These are their fine motor skills. 

As you expose your children to different forms of educational toys, they eventually develop these skills which are important in their academic years. 

Develop their problem-solving skills

The importance of having educational toys on your child’s shelves is to challenge their young minds. Various toys are designed to increase literacy, coordination, memorization, and identification skills in children. 

Your kids might be unaware of improving problem-solving skills as early as their toddler years. Since these toys are meant to be fun and enjoyable, they experience detailed learning while being able to retain practical skills. 

Toy Wonderland’s 4 in 1 Scenario Puzzle Series is one of the toys that help improve their problem-solving skills. To kids, it may simply look like they are copying a design. It may not occur to them that their skills are at work when they figure out what colored blocks to use while laying them on the proper place on the board. 

With time, these toys challenge and help their minds to grow. Their IQ is slowly boosted by better retention, memory, and coordination. 

Improves their concentration

It’s known to many parents that children have a small concentration span. It’s easy for them to get distracted and become uninterested in things, including their favorite toys. 

Educational toys help them sit down longer through fun yet challenging activities. While playing, your kids learn how to focus consequently improving their concentration. 

Introducing them to puzzles and shape shorters at a young age can help this at a very young age. 

The Baby Bliss Amazing Educational Stacker is a challenging and fun toy for toddlers. The various pieces teach young minds the different shapes. It’s the holes in each shape that get their brains turning. At a young age, they’ll learn how to concentrate and finish the task of inserting all shapes into their proper pegs. 

Instills their creativity and imagination

All kids are born with a natural and incredible sense of curiosity. Your little ones have the unending urge to explore the world around them with their own hands and feet. To support these efforts, give them educational toys to support this curiosity. 

Educational toys allow kids to think creatively while fostering their growth and learning. Add toys that can help instill their creative imagination like dress-up tools, props, and play tools. 

These toys provide children with a safe experience of imaginative play. They are able to creatively design, build, and explore the world around them. 

Simple educational toys such as costumes and tool sets can already be used to instill creative imagination. They can pretend to be their favorite community workers with their friends or even just play house with a handy kitchen set. With the right tools, you’ll be able to see your kids imagine,  play, and make something wonderful out of it. 

Develops their social and emotional intelligence

Toys are for more than just playing. Through these objects, they are able to role-play, understand their emotions, and develop empathy. This comes out more when they are able to play with other children. 

There are many toys such as blocks, cars, and tools that put children in different kinds of social situations. They find themselves sharing, bonding, and waiting when playing with friends and peers. 

These scenarios teach kids about social and emotional cues. They are able to understand what it is to laugh, cry, and get angry while playing with others. This all begins with sharing their toys. 

As their parents, it’s your duty to teach them the proper way to channel their emotions when sharing toys with friends. 

Key Takeaway

This article answered the question: how do educational toys help child development? With the right toys on your shelves, your children are able to grow and learn different things every day. If you’re looking for educational toys for your kids, you can browse through our shop here at Funtastic Stuff. As a top toy supplier in the Philippines, we have a wide array of toys from play dough, blocks, and fun sports toys that can aid in your child’s development.