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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
16 Aug 2022

4 Benefits of Puzzles For Child Development

What are the benefits of puzzles for child development?

    1. Learns to recognize the shapes
    2. It helps kids to concentrate
    3. Establishes memory
    4. Develops social skills

    As you look at your toddler’s cute, little, chubby hands clasping their puzzle pieces as they try to force every piece into the right space, you feel like helping them jam the pieces together. As the most favorite toy of professionals and parents for child development, puzzles are easy to play with and deceptively simple. Toddlers only need to put the pieces back to make them whole. But what are the benefits of puzzles for children?

    As a parent, we need to make sure that our toddlers learn slowly by playing with toys. It helps them develop their senses and body movements. Puzzles are one of the most effective toys that help toddlers’ brains develop. 

    Why? Because playing puzzles is more than just putting every piece back together. Below are the five benefits of puzzles for child development.

    Learns to recognize the shapes

    Let your toddler learn to differentiate the four basic shapes such as triangles, circles, squares, and rectangles by playing puzzles. They will gradually learn how to identify the differences between these shapes by grasping their edges which will make them guess how to slowly put back every piece in the right places.

    Toddlers need to slowly learn to differentiate the basic shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, and squares. At first, they may think that squares and rectangles are of the same size. Slowly, they learn to distinguish the descriptions that make every shape different.

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    It helps kids to concentrate

    Experts revealed that puzzles are perfect toys to build your child’s concentration muscles. To successfully let your child learn how to concentrate, give them a task about working on a puzzle until they did it. Make sure that the puzzles are simple and easy to complete. Kids are known to be impatient and give up easily and will play with another toy, so be sure to test the measures first if the puzzles you buy are hard or super easy. Don’t give them the easiest ones because it can’t help them boost their concentration skills.

    Don’t forget to give them verbal advice and demonstrate how playing with puzzles works. We as parents always need their guidance and patience until they learn.

    Establishes memory

    Kids have short-term memory. To help them activate their minds to memorize things slowly but surely, buy them puzzles to keep their minds working. As you observe your kid play with puzzles, you see that’s merely putting the pieces back in the right place, but no. It slowly develops in his mind as he remembers the flashes of color and shapes of the puzzles that he already grasped and saw. Therefore, he can easily locate every piece to put them together.

    If your kid continuously plays with puzzles, this will expand his speed of connections in the brain, making him familiar with shapes and colors.

    Develops social skills

    Let your toddler play puzzles with others. You will notice that they will interact as they solve the puzzle together. It’s a learning opportunity for them to socialize with one another as they play. Puzzles also require communication and teamwork. Not only their senses will develop but also their social skills. They will also learn how to properly communicate with other children.

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    Key Takeaway

    Aside from letting your kids play with puzzles, as a parent, you can help your little one by teaching them the basic shapes and later on asking them about each shape. Let them repeat the names until they get familiarized. You can also come up with easy activities to build excitement for them that they can look forward to every time they play with puzzles.

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