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17 Aug 2022

Toddler Bath Time: 6 Tips to Make It Fun and Stress-Free

What are the tips for toddler bath time? 

    1. Don’t take your eyes off your baby
    2. Don’t use your phone
    3. Always check the temperature
    4. Bring in the toys
    5. Add a mirror
    6. Use colors

    As a parent, you know that it’s part of your daily routine to bathe your child. Some look forward to bathing their kids because it’s the time when they have fun by playfully splashing, giggling, and building more connections in the bathroom. Though some kids are running away when it’s bath time and moms are having a hard time convincing them. This blog will guide you with some tips for toddler bath time. Let’s make it fun and hassle-free! 

    Don’t take your eyes off your baby

    We all know drowning is a very serious incident that could harm your child. It happens quickly. If your child is an infant or a young toddler, keep your eyes and hands on them during and after the bath. For older children who are slowly learning how to bathe themselves, you can monitor them as well.

    Always make sure there’s a bathmat or textured tub floor to prevent your child from getting slipped on a wet area. We know it’s dangerous if they fall against the hard or edgy surface in the bathroom. Be vigilant. Remember that the more you focus on your kid, the safer he’ll be. Track his bath time.

    Don’t use your phone

    Don’t risk your child’s safety by bringing your phone while taking them to a bath. As humans, we tend to be bored and fish out our phones from our pockets to kill time, but we’re talking about our child’s safety here, and turning on your phone as your child takes a bath can distract you. Connect with your child instead. Try asking him how his day went with his friends or what’s his favorite TV show to watch. Then, you can also share your favorite moments when you were a child like him. 

    There are so many things to talk about with your child. Just make sure they’re all fun and exciting for them to hear.

    Always check the temperature

    A child’s skin is very sensitive to temperature. Make sure the water’s temperature is safe for young children, especially babies. Check the temperature by running your hand through the water and if you feel it’s comfortable enough for your child, then you can bath them.

    We know that some children are not comfortable with bathe, so it’s the water temperature that could either convince or prevent them to take a bath. Try telling your child to droop his feet into the bath to make him comfortable. 

    Bring in the toys

    Make your child’s bathtime more memorable and playful by bringing in his favorite toy! Make sure that the toys are hazard-free to avoid any incidents. Do you want high-quality bath toys? We have them here at Funtastic Stuff! Our bath toys are lead-free and non-toxic. We ensure your child’s safety during his bathtime. It’s safe for your baby and they’ll surely look forward to taking a bath with our cute, colorful bath toys!

    Play with your kids for a wonderful, exciting, and playful bath time! After that, you can also help them clean their toys. Make their bath time a family bond as well.

    Add a mirror

    Kids are fans of crazy shampoo hairstyles! Who doesn’t like that? Even we, parents, got addicted to those shampoo hairstyles when we were young. Let them smile and laugh while looking at their silly and funny hairstyles with a bathtub mirror for babies placed on the bathroom wall. And if they ask you to join them, then have fun and be a child again with your kids!

    Use colors

    Bath paints are essential to convince your child to take a bath. To make their bath time more fun and hassle-free, place some glow sticks in the tub and your kid will surely be amazed as he looked at those lights popping against the water! He’d be encouraged to step in the tub and have fun getting wet!

    Key Takeaway

    When we see our child happy while taking a bath, it’s fulfillment for us as parents. Focus on their safety while keeping it cool, fun, and stress-free! Here at Funtastic Stuff, we want you to experience a fun bath bonding with your kid. Click here to choose our bath toys that best fit your kid’s interest! 

    Happy scrub-a-dub-ba-dubbing!