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01 Dec 2021

6 Best Books For Kids This Christmas

What are the best books for kids this Christmas?

  1. 101 Animal Stories
  2. 101 Bible Stories
  3. Famous Tales - The Wizard of Oz
  4. Fairy Tales Colouring Activity (Girls)
  5. Fairy Tales Colouring Activity (Boys)
  6. 101 Fairy Tales

Stories never fail to make children happy. Whether it features animals, magic, wizards, or scarecrows, kids of all ages will surely enjoy these must-read books. Having the best books for kids in your library almost guarantees that they will grow to be a reader. If you want to give a present that both parents and kids will love, books are the answer.

Books are thoughtful gifts that you can give to kids, and it’s full of benefits. Books are never the wrong size, they’re perfectly healthy, and they’re interesting and lots of fun! These presents help them develop their thinking and personality, and the right books could last a lifetime.

The best kids’ books will be the ones that children would be excited to bring to school, pass around with friends, or listen to at bedtime. With Christmas quickly approaching, it’s time to get presents that the little bookworms would love! 

101 Animal Stories

Books featuring animals in their own stories make good gifts for a good reason: children love animals! Not only are they cute and make funny noises, but children relate to them on a deeper level. Children take a special interest in animals because they cannot talk and articulate their needs, and domesticated ones rely on adults. Children see themselves with these characteristics. By giving them stories about animals, they would be able to absorb the story and the lessons better. 

With animals as the main characters of the story coupled with amazing visual illustrations, your child will love reading time with this book. Seeing animals doing the same things they see people do will spark their imaginations and make them more interested in reading and literacy. 

101 Fairy Tales

What better way is there to learn than with stories? Fairy tales immerse children in fantastical and magical worlds that also teach children important lessons about life. Activate their imagination with a story collection that lets them travel to different worlds and stories! 

It’s through fairy tales that kids learn about important concepts like basic conflicts, relationships between people, families, mistakes, and a sense of morality. Each fairy tale promises an entertaining journey that’s also a learning experience. Having a book of fairy tales stays with your kids as they grow, perfect for a lasting, educational, and fun Christmas gift!

101 Bible Stories

It’s important to remember what we’re celebrating Christmas for. The book tells stories in the Bible with pictures and illustrations that are easier for kids to understand. Through stories, they learn who God is and what he’s like. A book about the Bible could be the foundation of the child’s spirituality as they grow older. This book is 64 pages of stories from the Bible, where they can learn all about the first Christmas too!

Famous Tales - The Wizard of Oz

This classic story follows Dorothy as she is swept away to the magical land of Oz where she meets interesting characters and faces challenges to reach the wizard and go home. Children learn about overcoming troubles and challenges with their own capabilities in this story. There are also lessons about being independent and believing in yourself, characteristics that developing kids will find useful in life. 

The story is perfect for 5-year-olds and above, and this book tells it in only 32 pages with amazing illustrations!

Fairy Tales Colouring Activity (Girls)

Introduce your children to fairy tales with coloring activities! With a coloring book, kids develop creativity and imagination as they put color to their favorite characters and scenes. At the same time, their fine motor skills are developed, and it helps them relax as well!

It’s a great form of entertainment and also potentially a good way for kids to interact with and share their vision with playmates. Any kid who receives this book as a gift will have plenty of coloring time with their favorite fairy tales for girls! 

Fairy Tales Colouring Activity (Boys)

Even the boys’ favorite fairy tales get their own coloring book! Let the children give life to more stories with this 16-page coloring book! These books are also good for kids who have not yet developed an interest in reading. It introduces the stories to them in picture form, piquing their curiosity to learn more. Get kids 4 years and above interested in fairy tales and stories with this coloring book!

Key Takeaway

The best books for kids are those that both keep them entertained, teach them valuable lessons, and help in their own growth and development. Giving books as gifts for kids this Christmas shows how you care for the receiver without having to spend a huge amount. After reading this guide, simply take your pick of what you think is best for your kids!

For most kids, receiving books as presents is only second to receiving toys. Here at Funtastic Stuff, we have both! Take the time to find the perfect book or educational toy in our shop! Through your purchases, we also help other children in need, so consider it buying a gift for two this Christmas!