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03 Dec 2021

Christmas Toys for Kids: A Gift Buying Guide

Which Christmas toys for kids should I buy?

  1. Baby Bliss Caterpillar Rattle

  2. Baby Bliss Interactive Colorful Ball

  3. Baby Bliss Animal Farm Touch Playset

  4. Super Spin Top

  5. Happy Homeland Pink Tropical Doll House

  6. ZIGO Space Warrior Building Blocks

During the holiday season, many people struggle with looking for the right Christmas toys for kids. The toys that children like seem to change every year as they grow up and as trends change as well. We know how it feels to be stumped about picking out the perfect present, so we’re here to help!

When you’re buying kids’ toys, the toys you give them must be both enjoyable and fit for their age as toys that match their development can help them grow faster and better. Although the toys we list below correspond to their age, remember that each kid grows at their own pace. Some toys can be good for kids younger or older than what’s recommended, so use your judgment and how well you know the child receiving the gift. Keep reading to learn what toys would be best for each stage of growth!


Infants that are 3 - 6 months old are only starting to learn about their bodies and what they can do. They would be fascinated with bright colors and faces, and enjoy exploring the capabilities of their hands, fingers, and other body parts! Here are some toys you can get for young babies:

Baby Bliss Caterpillar Rattle

A rattle that makes sounds, has bright colors, and has a face would get the attention of an infant! It has a handle that the baby can clutch, and it’s non-toxic and completely safe for your baby.


Older babies like to move around a lot more than younger babies as they start to expand their exploration of the world around them. Getting them toys that they can interact with or help with their discovery of the world for Christmas is the right call! Some examples of good toys for older babies are:

Baby Bliss Interactive Colorful Ball

As they move around, they can play with this interactive colorful ball by throwing it, dropping it, chasing it around, or even just carrying it! A colorful ball that also makes sounds can get the baby’s interest and could even help them learn how to walk!


When a child reaches one year of age, they start to experiment some more. Kids in this age range can typically walk straight and communicate with words. Educational toys should still be encouraged for them as they continue to learn and develop their physical skills. These kids already know the tradition of gift-giving on Christmas, so they’ll be expecting something from you!

Baby Bliss Animal Farm Touch Playset

The Baby Bliss Animal Farm Touch Playset is a highly interactive toy that makes interesting sounds to help kids learn about farm animals! There are buttons that they can press and images of animals and musical instruments — it even has a built-in game! Be aware that this toy runs on batteries, so make sure that your child won’t get their hands on them. But it would be nice to include batteries when you give them as a gift, of course!


When children reach this age, they like to play with friends. They share their toys and talk a lot. As they grow older, they would prefer more complex and cooler toys in general. They know more about the world and would be happy to receive toys for Christmas! Here are the best toys that you can give to toddlers 3 years old and above!

Super Spin Top

The Super Spin Top is a popular toy among toddlers, especially boys. The rapid spinning of the top that you can battle against other tops will keep your toddlers entertained for a long time! A famous TV show popularized these toys among kids, so you know they’ll enjoy them for sure!

Happy Homeland Pink Tropical Doll House

Giving the Happy Homeland Pink Tropical Doll House as a Christmas gift for young girls is still a good idea even today! Toddlers like to play pretend, and playing with dolls and dollhouses remains the best way to do that. These toys encourage social interaction and cooperation for young girls and boys. Plus, imagine how excited the kids will be when they see the size of the wrapped present under the tree!

ZIGO Space Warrior Building Blocks

What can be cooler than a space fighter that you can build on your own? This toy lets you build your own space fighter that consists of over 200 pieces! The kid will improve his building skills, and building the ship can also turn into a fun experience with a trusted adult!

Key Takeaway

With this guide, you should be able to pick out the right Christmas toys for kids that you can give as gifts. Fortunately for you, you’re already in the right place! We at Funtastic Stuff provide quality and safe-to-use toys for kids of all ages, and we help other children in need at the same time. Browse through our selection of kids’ toys here and order your Christmas gifts today!