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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
15 Dec 2021

9 Best Christmas Gifts For Kindergarteners

What are the best Christmas gifts for kindergarteners?

  1. Brain Games 5+
  2. Crossword Brain Boosting Activity
  3. Dough and Mould Tube
  4. Magic Cotton Sand
  5. Magic Water Drawing Book
  6. 7-in-1 Board Games
  7. Bingo
  8. Baseball Set
  9. Badminton Set

It’s the time of the year for giving gifts again, and kindergarteners all around the world are surely feeling the holiday cheer! As adults, we want to contribute to the children’s happiness this Christmas. That’s why you should get them the best Christmas gifts for kindergarteners this December!

When kids reach kindergarten, they start to become more social. They love playing with their playmates and caretakers. They learn more about communicating and sharing with others, and even about conflicts through group games and playing. It is also in kindergarten when they learn more about counting, reading, writing, and others at the beginning of their formal education.

If you don’t know what kind of gifts you should give to children at this stage in their lives, we’ve created this guide to help you! Listed below are the best gifts you can give to young kids — check them out!

Brain Power Gifts

Kindergarteners are only starting their education, and we can help them out with gifts that enhance brain power! Some books and puzzles are great for giving them a boost at the stage that they’re in. Take a look at these gifts that can help their learning:

Brain Games 5+

Solving problems, figuring out puzzles, and answering questions will keep your kindergartener’s mind sharp. With this brain-teasing book, your kid will face puzzles that are fit for kindergarteners. Unlock the problem-solving part of your child’s mind with Brain Games 5+!

Crossword Brain Boosting Activity

For kids who are good with words, doing and finishing crosswords would be a good boost! This book also has more brain-boosting activities other than crosswords like dot-to-dot, mazes, find the difference, and match the pair. Challenge your kindergarteners in a good way with this activity book!

Gifts for Creative Kids

Kindergarten is the best time for kids to discover and explore their talents. While some kids pick up counting and basic math easily, others have great talents in creating, drawing, molding, and coloring! Here’s a selection of gifts that would be perfect for creative-type kindergarteners!

Dough and Mould Tube

Playing with modeling dough is one of the best ways for children to channel their creativity! The dough and mould tube contains modeling dough of different colors that your kid can shape into whatever they want. This dough is safe to use and non-toxic as it’s made from wheat.

Magic Cotton Sand

The texture and moldability of sand make it another excellent way to get your child’s creative juices flowing! This toy also includes molds of different shapes and colors. Not only will Magic Cotton Sand be enjoyable for your kid, but it also stimulates their curiosity, and encourages sharing and collaboration with other kids!

Magic Water Drawing Book

Some children find their talents in drawing and coloring on paper. With the Magic Water Drawing Book, the whole process becomes easier — plus it leaves no mess! The animal-themed drawing book teaches them about wildlife while also developing their creativity.

Fun Tabletop Games

Playing as a group with tabletop games often becomes a good experience for kindergarteners. It makes socialization with creative and logical thinking, depending on the game that you’re playing. No matter what game it is, fun and learning are both guaranteed!

7-in-1 Board Games

Get the most out of one gift with this 7-in-1 board game set! This set includes games like chess, checkers, tic tac toe, and backgammon. Let the children compete with each other with this assortment of fun board games!


Bingo is a game of chance that’s easy to learn and fun to play! As a popular game even among adults, kindergarteners can participate in games with other adults at home. They also learn about counting and numbers in the process. Have fun with the whole family with a game of bingo at home!

Gifts for the Sporty Kids

Some kids excel at sports at an early age. Even if they don’t, playing with sports toys is still a good and exciting physical activity for any kindergartener. Like board games, sports toys motivate children to play with each other. It also teaches them how to deal with losing and frustrations. Give any of these sports toys as a gift for fun outdoor play!

Baseball Set

The basic concept of baseball — throwing a ball and hitting it with a bat — is easy for even younger children to grasp. Plus, it’s good entertainment for children of any age. 

Using the baseball set, kindergarteners can play baseball in the backyard, in the playground, or in a wide indoor area. The toy is made of plastic so it’s safe to use, but adults should still keep an eye on the kids so no one gets hurt!

Badminton Set

Badminton is another fun sport that teaches kindergarteners about competition and sportsmanship. The badminton set can be used by kids both indoors and outdoors, as long as adults are watching over them!

Key Takeaway

Giving gifts is all about how well you know the recipient. Every child is unique, so do your best to buy the gift that will make the child happy and help with their growth. After reading our picks for the best Christmas gifts for kindergarteners, your search for the perfect gift might be over! 

If the toys listed above don’t match what you’re looking for, we have more toys for you to choose from. Funtastic Stuff has a wide assortment of toys and accessories that can be exceptional Christmas gifts! 

Ordering from us will also help other kids in need this Christmas, as we do our part to help others. Learn more about our advocacies here, and browse through our products in our shop here!