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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
14 Feb 2022

4 Children’s Role Playing Toys To Boost Imagination

What are some children’s role playing toys to boost imagination?

  1. Family Furniture Set with Bed
  2. Blue/Red Doctor Set with Red Injection
  3. Kitchen Set with Pink Stove
  4. Knight's Weapon Set

If you’re an experienced parent, then you already know the reasons why pretend play is important for your child’s development. It activates their imagination and creativity as they step into roles other than their own. It also helps them be prepared for the challenges they will face in their lives. That’s why we often encourage parents to get plenty of children’s role-playing toys to let their kids play with.

Providing more avenues for your children to practice their role-playing and empathy is beneficial for their learning of how the world works. Bonus points if you, as their parents and/or trusted adults, indulge in their fantasy and guide them as well. It’s both fun and educational, so there’s no reason at all to skip role-playing time!

Types of Role Play

There are a few types of role-play that your kids might enjoy that we’ll mention throughout the article. Here are some of them:

  • Occupational – This type of role-play is when your children assume adult occupations. With the right toys, they’ll be able to play pretend to be doctors, cooks, mechanics, and other occupations. More commonly, children like to imitate their parents, so if your job has a toy version, it’s a good idea to buy it for your kids!
  • Fantasy – Fantasy role playing involves more magical or fantastical personas. This includes pretending to be fairies, knights, superheroes, and other characters of the same type.
  • Real Life Situations – Sometimes this is done in combination with occupational role play. In this type of role play, children put themselves into real-life situations that they see adults in. They could be camping, in a construction site, or a doctor's visit.

It’s better for your child’s playtime to be varied, so if they are able to play each of these types of role play, it would be a lot beneficial for them.

Role Playing Toys For Your Kids

The more role playing toys they have, the more they’ll be encouraged to play. The more they play, the more your kids will reap the benefits of role playing. To help you in pushing them in the right direction, here are some good children’s role playing toys that you can get for your kids!

Family Furniture Set with Bed

3 years old and above

One of the favorites of children to pretend to be is a family. All kids are exposed to the family setting, and they like to role play as a family in playtime and step into the roles of mother, father, baby, and other family members. With this family furniture set, they’ll have little toys to help them insert themselves into a pretend real-life situation as a family. It includes furniture that you’ll find in a typical home, even a bed!

Blue/Red Doctor Set with Red Injection

3 years old and above

The most common occupational roleplay that children do is as doctors. They do it because parents often paint a good picture of doctors, and sometimes parents encourage a doctor visit roleplay to help their kids become more comfortable with a real doctor visit. With this doctor toy set, your kids can assume this occupational role play as the doctor, where they can pretend to do several procedures on you with harmless plastic toys.

Kitchen Set with Pink Stove

3 years old and above

This kitchen set is many children’s favorite toy, especially for little girls. Kids could copy their parents and pretend to be cooking food on a toy stove and using toy kitchenware and plastic food. This could also be a fun exercise for teaching kids about safety in the kitchen, but always be on the watch in case your kids decide to eat plastic food for real.

Knight's Weapon Set

3 years old and above

For a more fantastical role play, you can let your children become knights with this weapon toy set! Let their imagination run wild while wielding these toy swords and a shield like a medieval knight would. You could pretend to be the antagonist — a dragon, a sorcerer, or anything your children would want to defeat! Be more imaginative by getting them this toy set!

Key Takeaway

Some parents might be unsure of what kind of role playing toys they would want their kids to have. Some second guess their selection by worrying that their kids would not enjoy the toys as much. With this list, we’ve given you ideas for toys and playtime roles that your children will surely enjoy! Revisit this list anytime you want and have lots of role playing fun with your children!

If you’re looking for other toys that are not on this list, we got you covered! Funtastic Stuff provides high-quality toys and accessories for babies and kids of all ages! Browse through our selection of baby toys and kids’ toys if you’re interested! As a socially responsible company, you may also read about our advocacies here to learn where a part of your expenditures goes to.