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05 Nov 2021

How to Raise a Reader

How do you raise a reader?

1. Start as early as possible

2. Make it a routine

3. Keep rereading their favorite books (book variety)

4. Stay positive about reading

5. Show how to use reading and writing

6. Read out loud and keep talking

7. Be wary of any problems

Hearing your child read their first words is one of the proudest moments you could have as a parent. We know how important of a skill reading is and how much books have to offer for the future of our children. As our children’s first teachers, it falls to us to make sure that they acquire this skill. But not all parents know how to raise a reader. 

Here, we compiled some things you can do every day to raise a reader in your child. Introduce your children to the world of books and reading the right way!

Start as early as possible

The development of children starts from day one. This applies to reading as well. That’s why you should start reading to your baby as early as possible. Some people start reading from day one, while some even read to their babies while they’re still in the womb. They may not understand a word you say, but they will remember the sensation of being comfortable in your lap as you read soothing words from a book.

While they’re still young, they might be more interested in tearing and playing with the paper of the books themselves. Try using board books like this Cinderella board book by Whiz Kidsz!

Make it a routine

Consistency is the key to success, even for reading. As parents, we want to do all that we can for the learning of our children. One way to do this is to make reading a routine. Once you start from an early age, don’t stop. Your child will be able to retain words easier and learn how to read faster.

This routine shouldn’t stop once your child becomes an independent reader. You should keep on being present and reading with them every day. This strengthens your bond and will make reading time an enjoyable moment in the day.

Keep rereading their favorite books

Once your child chooses a story they love, they would want to hear it over and over again. Some parents might be hesitant to do this, but you shouldn’t be afraid to go for your child’s favorite stories again and again. Let them explore the story in their heads multiple times, and they might see something that they haven’t seen the last time they heard it. Plus, they get to hear their favorite part many times too. This also validates your child’s interests. Reading is a great way to teach them that what they like matters!

Rereading books is also a good way to teach them life lessons. For example, try reading them something like Strangers In Everyday Life to teach them about strangers. If they like it, then they’d be equipped with that knowledge early in their lives.

Stay positive about reading

There are times as an adult that we don’t appreciate reading anymore. During those times, we should still keep a positive attitude to our children about reading. We need to send only positive signals about the joy of reading. Keep smiling and be enthusiastic about every story you read. This way, your child will remember reading as fun, enjoyable, and makes their trusted adults happy. If possible, you shouldn’t fake it and you should start enjoying reading too!

Show how to use reading and writing

Literacy is important because we use it in our everyday lives. We can teach this to our kids by showing them how we use both reading and writing daily. You can get them to help you read the grocery list, read labels, or even read road signs and billboards. By bridging reading to the realities of the world, your child will start applying it to everything that they could possibly read. Another good habit for a learning child!

Read out loud and keep talking

Believe it or not, talking a lot will boost your child’s ability to read! Having rich conversations with their trusted adult will widen the child’s vocabulary, making it easier for them to read. If you encourage talking and give them a good relationship with words, then your child will be reading as fast as you in no time!

It also proves that reading out loud to your kids will help them learn faster than letting them read silently on their own. It gives them a chance to interact with you and to ask you questions about words or concepts they don’t understand.

Be wary of any problems

As parents, we know our children the best. We are also the first ones to notice if something seems off. If you think that something might be wrong with the development of your child, don’t be afraid to speak up about it. Talk to the child’s pediatrician or teacher and ask them about it. After all, if there is any problem, it would be best to address it as soon as possible.

Key Takeaway

Learning how to raise a reader is only one of the important things you should know as a parent. By letting them grow as readers, they also become better learners and better adults in the future.

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