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The 6 Amazing Benefits of Playing
01 Nov 2021

What Toys Can Help Your Baby Develop Their Motor Skills?

What toys help develop baby motor skills?

  1. Grasping Toys
  2. Stacking Toys
  3. Building Toys
  4. Pounding Toys
  5. Sensory Toys

Playing is more than fun and games for our babies. It is an important part of their growth and development. It is our babies’ way of exploring the world and their own bodies. They start learning how things work and the extent of what their body can do. To us adults, their activities might look simple and normal, but they are meaningful experiences for the babies. We want our babies to learn and grow as much as we can, so we should give them the toys that they need. But what toys help develop baby motor skills?

Fine motor skills refer to the coordination of the baby’s small muscles, like fingers, hands, wrists, and eyes. It is toys that engage these parts that you should look for if you want to boost your baby’s fine motor skills. Listed below are some toys that fit the bill. Read on to learn more! 

Grasping Toys

One of the first fine motor skills that babies develop is grasping or clutching. As newborns, you might see babies clutch a finger that 

is put in their palms, but that’s more of a reflex. Babies start to actively clutch and play with toys when they’re around two months old. Giving your baby grasping toys at this time will encourage them to develop these skills more.

A good, colorful rattle like this Baby Bliss Colorful Butterfly Rattle should be a great companion for your little one! It has a handle that your baby can grasp and it makes sounds when you shake it. Its wings also have different textures that your baby can touch and fiddle with. Plus, it’s shaped like a butterfly! 

Stacking Toys

Stacking toys can quickly become an adventure for our babies. Depending on the toy’s design, it encourages both the development of fine motor skills and problem-solving. The baby’s eye-hand coordination will be tested when they try to stack the parts of these toys.

Take a look at this Amazing Educational Stacker toy. This kind of stacking toy gives many learning opportunities for kids. The hand muscles and eye-hand coordination will be practiced as they try to move the parts around. But with this toy, your baby could also learn about numbers (with the number of poles), colors, and shapes! Make sure they get the proper guidance, and they will be sure to learn quickly.

Building Toys

When your baby plays with building blocks, the blocks are also building your child’s motor skills. These toys are fundamental to many aspects of a baby’s development, including fine motor skills. They encourage creativity, enhance fine motor skills, enhance curiosity, and encourage socialization as well!

Basic building block play already involves both grasping and stacking, so the benefits for babies start stacking. How much more if those blocks are colorful and have pictures? Getting building toys like the ZIGO My First Building Blocks for your baby will give them a memorable and enjoyable playtime for sure! These blocks are rated for 3-year-old toddlers and older, so keep your eye on your kids while they play!

Pounding Toys

Pounding toys are toys that you pound or strike. Babies will clutch or grasp its parts, like sticks, and they will strike it down on the toy itself. Along with the typical colors and shapes, this will teach them about cause and effect as well. When they do something, it causes a sound.

A good example is a toy Baby Bliss Xylophone. It is a simple musical instrument that is colorful and enjoyable enough for any baby! What’s more, this specific xylophone is on wheels, adding to the actions and interactions that your baby can do. Imagine your baby playing with the music and pulling the instrument around while developing their skills!

Sensory Toys

Babies need to explore their world through play. Their access to the world is through their senses. Sensory toys engage these senses in unique ways that they can discover, and it always turns into a good learning experience when they discover their other senses.

This My First Guitar toy is one that was designed to let your baby explore their senses while also developing a bunch of fine motor skills. The guitar has many parts that babies could interact with, touch, press, wiggle, or roll! Surfaces and textures vary with every small part they can fiddle with. The guitar makes sounds, has pictures, and has moving parts. Let their imagination go wild while they learn how to move!

Key Takeaway

Babies and toys have very special relationships, one that we must all understand. As parents, it is part of our duty to let them learn and explore the world through play, and also through toys. Knowing what toys help develop baby motor skills is already a huge plus!

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